Packing for Your Charter Bus Service

Packing for Your Charter Bus Service

Posted on 2020-07-16

Getting ready to pack for that  New York charter bus trip, but unsure of how much to take? Here are some helpful tips so you don’t end up lugging around 50 pounds of clothing.

Don’t over-pack. Fold all clothes and accessories neatly into your suitcase. It’s best to only take one if you can. Be reasonable about the amount of clothing you need. Always leave some room for any souvenirs you might pick up along the way. Anything that doesn’t fit can go in your carry-on bag.

Properly pack your carry-on. No one wants to get stuck sitting next to the guy with the giant carry-on. Only take what you will need during the trip, such as snacks, books, any electronic devices, and medicines. (Don’t forget to check out our blog posts on what  food not to bring on board.)

Keep documents handy. Make sure your I.D., tickets, and any other important documents are easily located in a purse, wallet, or coat pockets.

Stay comfortable. If you’re headed out on a long  charter bus service, pack a blanket and a small neck pillow if you need to catch some shut eye. You might want to bring along some headache medicine or sleeping aids if you’re in the unfortunate situation of being on a charter bus full of kids.

Remember hygiene. Some important items for your carry-on include a toothbrush, mouthwash, wipes, deodorant, and any other items you think are necessary. Cleanliness equals happiness for everyone.