Have a Movie Marathon in Your Charter Bus NYC

Have a Movie Marathon in Your Charter Bus NYC

Posted on 2020-07-16

If you’re planning a school, corporate or college bus trip, don’t forget your on-board entertainment. Hire a  charter bus NYC equipped with a TV and DVD player and rent our favorite bus movies:

1.    “Bus Stop” – In this 1956 romantic comedy, a rodeo cowboy forces saloon singer Cherie, played by Marilyn Monroe, onto a bus to Montana where he wants them to get married.

2.    “Speed” – In this 1994 action film set in Los Angeles, Keanu Reeves plays a police officer who has to save passengers on a bus which will explode if it goes slower than 50 miles per hour (Dennis Hopper plays the revengeful ex-sergeant who planted the bomb).

3.    “Get On The Bus” – This 1996 historical film exploring race, religion, class and politics follows a group of black men who go on a cross-country bus trip to Million Man March.

4.    “Little Miss Sunshine” – This touching 1996 comedy is about a dysfunctional family that travels cross-country in an ailing Volkswagen bus to get their daughter, Olive, to the finals of a beauty pageant in California.

5.    “The Big Bus” – This 1976 comedy action film tells the story of a  New York charter bus traveling nonstop to Denver. Stockard Channing, Joseph Bologna, and Ned Beatty star in this bus movie that’s full of mishaps and disasters.