Best iPhone Games for Your Charter Bus Trip

Best iPhone Games for Your Charter Bus Trip

Posted on 2020-07-16

You’re stuck on a long  charter bus trip, with not much to do. You have your iPhone, or iPod Touch, on you and a pair of headphones. Honestly, you don’t need much else. You can listen to music, browse the web, read a book, or play one of thousands of games downloaded from the app store. But with so many games, which ones will keep you the most entertained on  charter bus services?

Angry Birds – This game has been #1 in the games category for quite some time. There are evil green pigs trying to steal your eggs and only you can stop them! Use your puzzle solving skills to fling birds at their castles and destroy them.

Doodle Jump – It’s the simplest games that are the most addicting. Jump your little creature from platform to platform and see how high you can go.

Words with Friends – Like Scrabble? Want to play with friends or people around the country? Then download this app.

Cut the Rope – Like to use that brain of yours? In this game of physics, you must be quick to see the pattern to feed your little monster his candy.

Tetris – Is there really any explanation necessary for this one? I think not.