1) How and where can I book my group's trip? You can book your group's trip by contacting our Charter department at (718) 623-9000. Our charter department is open Monday - Thursday from 9am EST to 5pm or later, and Friday from 9am EST to 4pm. Back to Top

2) How far in advance should I book a trip? We require the balance to be paid within 10 days of your trip date. We can also do last minute booking if pending availability. Back to Top

3) Where will the charter bus be able pick us up? What time of day can we be picked up? Monsey Tours is able to pick up groups at almost any destination. Most times of the day and night are also available for pick up.Back to Top

4) Does Monsey Tours travel to Canada or Mexico? Monsey Tours travels to Canada; however Mexico is not an available destination.Back to Top

5) What is the largest group of people that Monsey Tours can accommodate? Monsey Tours has many coach buses available to meet any group size.Back to Top

6) What type of certifications do your drivers have? All of our drivers are 19-A certified and have been approved for travel with the Department of Transportation (DOT).Back to Top

7) For long trips, how long can a driver legally driver in a single day? Monsey Tours' charter bus drivers can be on duty for 15 hours, but can drive for maximum 10 hours.Back to Top

8) If my group's trip requires an overnight stay, do we have to arrange lodging accommodations for the driver? Yes, all overnight stay is the customer's responsibility. It is required for the customer to book lodging accommodations for the driver.Back to Top

9) Can my group bring food and drinks on the buses? Is alcohol allowed on board? Food and drink in the form of appetizers can be eaten on the bus. Alcohol is allowed in some circumstances.Back to Top

10) What is Monsey Tours policy on smoking? Smoking is not allowed on our coach buses.Back to Top

11) For a group of children, how many adult chaperones do you require per child? There is no minimum requirement for chaperones. However, we do require a chaperone that is able to handle the amount of kids on each bus. Preferably one chaperone minimum per bus.Back to Top

12) Do your charter buses have bathrooms? Most charter buses have a restroom on board.Back to Top

13) Does Monsey Tours cater to the disabled? Most Monsey Tour coach buses have a kneeling feature for easy access into the bus. We also have wheelchair buses at your request pending availability.Back to Top

14) What is Monsey Tours' cancellation policy? Monsey Tours cancellation policy is within 2 weeks of your trip date. If you cancel after this time you may be able to use your deposit or payment towards a future trip within 1 year. Back to Top